We have returned…

…almost unscathed. I say almost because Mo’s foot (which she injured while trying to capture a photo of Mission Dolores in San Francisco) has turned out to be slightly more than sprained. To be more specific:  It’s broken. … And requires surgery. So it’s not been exactly an easy landing on our return to “reality”, … Read more


The sun was just starting to rise, but the rest of the Cawley clan was fast asleep. So I sneaked out into the quiet morning for a few moments alone, and I snapped some pictures. There was a peaceful calm, that took my breath away. And nothing was moving…except me and the sun and a … Read more

A Room with a View – Mesa Verde and Mancos State Park

Mancos State Park campground with its 30-some campsites,  cool mountain air and comfortable, well-equipped yurts (including futon beds, a fridge and a microwave) lacked only one luxury amenity—a shower. Not to worry, though, we fancied the lack of bathing to be part of the true pioneer experience, complete with the echoes of howling coyotes at … Read more

“Monday is a Blues Day, Y’all.”

Memphis “Monday is a Blues Day, Y’all.” – Big Jerry on Beale Street. We set out today on the path of Kings. We saw Graceland, of course, and we also spent a couple hours at the National Civil Rights Museum, which is located in the Lorraine Motel, where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was … Read more

“I believe the car thermometer is broken.”

We left Meeman-Shelby State Park at 7 a.m., and took a breakfast break in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where we wandered around whimsical Old Mill Park for an hour or so. Built in 1933, the entire park is a piece of art. The Old Mill and the gates and the bridges and benches that seem … Read more

This is not our fault

Our little clan started as relative nomads–seven homes in the first six years, I think–so it’s no surprise that  a sedentary life might have its consequences. But a wanderlust has been haunting our house for months (maybe years).  It’s not a scary haunt; more like a friendly, “I saw it on the landing, waving at … Read more