We are daydreaming planning reminiscing about a cross-country trip.

This is not our fault but anyway, here we go…

The Travellers

The original plan included Wednesday.  But she couldn’t kick the habit of throwing up on car rides longer than 5 miles.  So other arrangements have been made for her.  (She’ll be living with a woman who makes organic dog treats as an avocation, so don’t worry about her.  She will be missed, though.)

So plan ‘B’ (OK, more like plan ‘A’, revision # 437) was to have our nephew Jackson  join us.  (He smells a little better than our dog and pukes less.)  But he was anxious about being that far from his sisters for too long.  He can’t live without them (Right, Jackson?)

So now we were (are) on to revision # 613: Just us (human) Cawleys.  Here we are:


Her primary duties will be logistics,  navigation and planning.  This follows nicely along with her duties of planning every aspect of the trip.  She is the master at optimizing a vacation.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This website and, actually, the entire trip were predicated partially on the idea of kick-starting her travel-writing career.  There was discussion of documenting “our cross-country trip with 3 kids and a dog” on our website and then the follow-on book.  But she attended a seminar wherein she learned that “giving away” your writing on your website isn’t the best marketing strategy.   So you’re stuck with my ramblings for now.  But she’ll be providing lots of pics and updates in the future, I’m told.

Her additional duties include … well, pretty much everything except driving, I think.


Duties: “engineering”; driving; keeping the batteries charged; technical support; surfing; having the keys; starting the campfires; setting up tents; taking down tents; Bear watch

Writing assignment: General goofiness


The big Brother.   He will be photographing and discussing funny/strange/interesting signage.


The gymnast.  She is responsible for reporting on art and architecture.


The naturalist.  She will be reporting on animals and other news of a zoological nature.

Cheryl (Troy’s Sister) and her dog Sage

…will be joining us for the first weekend. ( They have not been given any assignments … yet.  )

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